This short stretch of footpath, with lush plants such as skullcap, loosestrife and forget-me-not, is a favourite place for two butterflies in particular.  High up in the tree canopy, purple hairstreak butterflies enjoy feeding on honeydew produced by aphids feeding on the trees. Occasionally in the early morning, they will come down lower, allowing us to see their rich dark colouration.  The Green-veined White is another butterfly that is keen on this spot.  It looks exactly as the name suggests – it has beautiful veining on the hind wing which is very noticeable when it settles on a flower.  Other butterflies that like this spot are the Speckled Wood and Brimstone butterflies.

Look out also for dragon and damsel flies commuting between the ponds and the meadows, the beautiful marsh thistles, and, on hot summer nights, glow worms.